Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chicken manchurian

ch icken pieces -500gms, egg-1, soyasauce-1tbsp, salt-1/2tsp cornflour-2tbsp pepperpowder-3/4tsp,celeryminced-2tbsp, greenchilly-12,garlic-2tbsp, springonion minced-2tbsp chillysauce-1tbsp, tomatoesauce-1tbsp, chickenstock-1/2cup, salt-to taste,oil-little,redcolour-a pinch,

Mix together 1tbsp soyasauce2tbsp cornflour, little salt and pepper powder.Put the chicken pieces in it and keep aside for one hour . heat oil and fry the chicken pieces . put oil in the pan and put all the minced ingredients and stir fry .now put the fried chicken pieces , remaining ingredients ,stock mixed with cornflour. when it thickens   off the fire.

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