Monday, January 23, 2012


             Boneless fish-500gms, soya sauce-1tbsp, cornflour-5tbsp, egg-1, salt-totaste, oil-deep frying, garlic minced-2tbsp, cellery-1tbsp, ginger-1/2tbsp, chilly minced-6,chilly sauce-1tbsp, soya sauce-1/2tsp,tomatoe sauce-1tbsp,spring onion minced-2tbsp, chicken stock-1/2cup,.pepper powder-1tsp.
       HOW TO COOK
          Clean the fish and cut into1/2''sq  pieces . Mix 1tbsp soya sauce,4tbsp cornflour,egg,and make a thick batter.put the fish pieces into it.deep fry to a light brown colour. remove and keep a side.Heat oil and stir fry all the minced  ingredients for one minute .add the fried fish pieces ,chilly sauce,soya sauce,tomatoe sauce,pepper powder,salt, and stock when it starts to boil add cornflour mixed in water and boil for one minute.remove from fire and sprinkle minced spring onion on top.serve hot.

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