Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mutton Kabab

Mutton -1kg,Onion 1/2 cup,Egg- 2nos,small onion 1 cup,cornflour gm,Green chilly 4 nos,pepper powder 1 Tsp,Pudeena leaves ,garam masala 1Tsp,Kadalaparippu 50 gm,Ginger 2 pcs,coriander leaves,salt to taste,oil for frying.
How to cook
Add garam masala,ginger,kadalaparippu,salt with mutton and pressure cook for few minutes.After 1/2 an hour add onion,egg,small onion,cornflour,green chilly,pepper powder pudeena leaves,cooriander leaves to the pressure cooked ingredients and make small balls and deep fry.

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